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논문 상세정보

연안산업 분야별 수요조사를 통한 맞춤형 연안기상 콘텐츠 설계방안 연구

A study on the design of customized coastal weather contents based on the demand survey with coastal industry fields


In this study, the use survey of domestic and international weather information on coastal regions and the demand survey (e.g. general and in-depth surveys) for customer needs with coastal industries were carried out to design customized coastal weather contents. The general demand survey showed that most of the customers working in the coastal industries were interested in a short-term forecast, such as a general weather outlook (approximately 29% of the total respondents) and typhoon information (19%), and they preferred to be given the forecast information from new media such as the internet web-pages (36%) and mobile utilities (23%) rather than old media such as TV (16%) and radio (11%). In addition, only 31% of the total respondents were found to be satisfied with the use of the current coastal weather service. This low percentage might mainly be a result of lack of information accuracy (about 64%) and diversity (28%). From in-depth survey with site visiting, the need of coastal weather contents, such as weather elements, data form, a tool of communication, and forecast interval, differed with the working stages in three coastal industries (e.g. shipbuilding, maritime trade, and passenger transport industries).

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