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논문 상세정보

창호 에너지 소비 효율 등급제와 건물 에너지 소비의 상관관계 분석

Correlation Analysis Between Fenestration Energy Consumption Efficiency Rating System and Building Energy Consumption


The purpose of this study is to analyze the correlation between the 'Fenestration Energy Consumption Efficiency Rating System' (hereafter referred to as FECERS) and building energy consumption. 'EnergyPlus' was used for the calculation of energy consumption in apartments and office buildings, according to FECERS's rating and SHGC. The result indicates that the FECERS has high correlation with apartments, but has low correlation with office buildings. Also, it indicates that office buildings have a large impact from SHGC, which is not reflected in the FECERS. Consequently, the FECERS needs to be improved, by adding optical properties to assessment items. Additional study is required to establish the fenestration rating system, which, on the basis of this work, has high relevance to building energy consumption.

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