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논문 상세정보

촉매를 이용한 반도체 공정 SF6 처리에 관한 연구

Catalytic Decomposition of SF6 from Semiconductor Manufacturing Process


Sulfur hexa-fluoride has been used as a etching gas in semiconductor industry. From the globally environmental issues, it is urgent to control the emissions of this significant greenhouse gas. The main objective of this experimental investigation was to find the effective catalyst for $SF_6$ decomposition. The precursor catalyst of hexa-aluminate was prepared to investigate the catalytic activity and stability. The precursor catalyst of hexa-aluminate was modified with Ni to enhance the catalytic activities and stability. The catalytic activity for $SF_6$ decomposition increased by the addition of Ni and maximized at 6wt% addition of Ni. The addition of 6wt% Ni in precursor catalyst of hexa-aluminate improved the resistant to the HF and reduced the crystallization and phase transition of catalyst.

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