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논문 상세정보

HYSPLIT 모델을 이용한 김해지역의 PM10 수송 경로 분석

Analysis on the PM10 Transportation Route in Gimhae Region Using the HYSPLIT Model


This study was conducted to investigate the correlations between the $PM_{10}$ concentration trend and meteorological elements in the Gimhae region and analyze the transportation routes of air pollutants through back-trajectory analysis. Among the air quality measuring stations in the Gimhae regions, the $PM_{10}$ concentration of the Sambangdong station was higher than that of the Dongsangdong station. Also, an examination of the relationships between $PM_{10}$ concentration and meteorological elements showed that the greater the number of yellow dust occurrence days was and the lower the temperature and precipitation were, the higher the $PM_{10}$ concentration appeared. Furthermore, a cluster analysis through the HYSPLIT model showed that there were 4 clusters of trajectories that flowed into the Gimhae region and most of them originated in China. The meteorological characteristics of the four clusters were analyzed and they were similar to those of the air masses that influence South Korea. These analyses found that meteorological conditions affect the $PM_{10}$ concentration.

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