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이동 측정방법을 사용한 부산지역 주요 도로의 대기오염도 조사

An Investigation into Air Quality of Main Roads in Busan using Mobile Platform Measurement


Mobile sources produce a significant fraction of total anthropogenic emissions in Korea and have harmful effects on air quality. Mobile emissions are intrinsically difficult to estimate due to complicated road networks and variations of traffic volume with location and time. To measure traffic pollutants with high temporal and spatial resolution under real conditions a mobile laboratory was designed. The mobile laboratory provide concentrations of $SO_2$, CO, NO, $NO_2$ and location coordinate value. This approach allowed for pollutant level measurements on many roads within short periods of time. In this study, on-road concentrations of $SO_2$, CO, NO and $NO_2$ were measured using mobile platform measurement along the 25 main roads in Busan to estimate the average air pollution level in short time difference. The measurements were conducted on favorable meteorological days from 2010 to 2012 and the overall concentrations of $SO_2$, CO, NO and $NO_2$ were 0.006, 0.8, 0.182 and 0.055 ppm respectively. The result showed that the concentration of CO, NO and $NO_2$ on road were twice, 18 times and 2.5 times higher than regional air quality monitoring sites mean in same period.

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