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논문 상세정보


The influence of carrageenan addition on the gelatinization of salt-based surimi gels was investigated by measuring compressive properties and Hunter color scale values. Hydrocolloid kappa (${\kappa}$)-carrageenan at 0%, 0.2%, and 1.0% and NaCl (2% w/w), KCl (1.5% w/w), and a mixture of NaCl (2% w/w) and KCl (1.5% w/w), were added to Alaska pollock surimi. Gel compressive properties were assessed by measuring the breaking force and gel strength. The gelling property of ${\kappa}$-carrageenan-induced surimi gel was significantly increased by the incorporation of KCl rather than NaCl. The addition of ${\kappa}$-carrageenan increased the breaking force and gel strength of surimi gels. Gels with 1% ${\kappa}$-carrageenan and KCl had the highest breaking force and gel strength. The addition of ${\kappa}$-carrageenan caused an increase in the whiteness values of the surimi gels.

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