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논문 상세정보

여수연안 표면수온의 변동 특성과 시계열적 예측

Fluctuations and Time Series Forecasting of Sea Surface Temperature at Yeosu Coast in Korea


한반도 여수연안($127^{\circ}37.73^{\prime}E$, $34^{\circ}37.60^{\prime}N$)의 46년(1965-2010년)간 월평균 표면수온의 계절변동과 장기변동추세를 파악하였으며, 시계열모형을 수립하여 향후 12개월의 표면수온을 예측하였다. 여수연안의 연평균 표면수온은 $15.6^{\circ}C$, 연진폭은 $9^{\circ}C$를 보이며, 연위상은 $236^{\circ}$로서 최고수온을 보이는 시기는 8월 26일경으로 나타났다. 장기적으로 여수연안 표면수온은 연간 약 $0.0305^{\circ}C$의 유의한 상승 추세를 가지며, 시기적으로 1981년부터 2010년까지 30년간의 상승 경향이 1966년부터 1995년까지 30년간의 상승 경향보다 현저하며, 계절적으로 겨울철의 상승 경향이 지배적으로 나타났다. 월평균 표면수온을 적합시켜 선택된 시계열모형은 $ARIMA(1,0,0)(2,1,0)_{12}$을 따르며, 수립된 모형에 의한 2010년 월평균 표면수온의 예측치는 8.3%의 평균절대백분율오차(Mean Absolute Percentage Error)를 수반하였다.


Seasonal variations and long term linear trends of SST (Sea Surface Temperature) at Yeosu Coast ($127^{\circ}37.73^{\prime}E$, $34^{\circ}37.60^{\prime}N$) in Korea were studied performing the harmonic analysis and the regression analysis of the monthly mean SST data of 46 years (1965-2010) collected by the Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Korea. The mean SST and the amplitude of annual SST variation show $15.6^{\circ}C$ and $9.0^{\circ}C$ respectively. The phase of annual SST variation is $236^{\circ}$. The maximum SST at Yeosu Coast occurs around August 26. Climatic changes in annual mean SST have had significant increasing tendency with increase rate $0.0305^{\circ}C/Year$. The warming trend in recent 30 years (1981-2010) is more pronounced than that in the last 30 years (1966-1995) and the increasing tendency of winter SST dominates that of the annual SST. The time series model that could be used to forecast the SST on a monthly basis was developed applying Box-Jenkins methodology. $ARIMA(1,0,0)(2,1,0)_{12}$ was suggested for forecasting the monthly mean SST at Yeosu Coast in Korea. Mean absolute percentage error to measure the accuracy of forecasted values was 8.3%.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Seong, Ki-Tack ; Choi, Yang-Ho ; Koo, Jun-Ho ; Lee, Mi-Jin 2014. "Transfer Function Model Forecasting of Sea Surface Temperature at Yeosu in Korean Coastal Waters" 海洋環境安全學會誌 = Journal of the Korean society of marine environment & safety, 20(5): 526~534 

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