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저속 전기자동차용 알루미늄 차체 조인트 노드의 반응고 성형

Fabrication of a Joint Node for an Aluminum Frame for a Low Speed Electric Vehicle using Thixoforming Technology


The thixoforming process has been applied to forming of a joint node for the aluminum frame of a low speed electric vehicle. A joint node should connect three aluminum extruded chassis showing different profiles. The MHS(magnetohydrodynamic stirring) A357 billet was selected because homogeneous globular grains are necessary as the billet materials for thixoforming. A careful design of joint node has been performed by the considerations of structural demands and the simulation results for the thixoforming process using the MAGMAsoft. Optimum heating temperature for the A357 billet was between 580 and $585^{\circ}C$ corresponding to the semi-solid temperatures showing 20-30% of liquid fraction. An injection speed of around 100mm/s and preheating of die at temperatures of $200^{\circ}C$ were also necessary conditions to obtain reasonable thixoformed parts.

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참고문헌 (7)

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