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외국인 환자를 돌보는 간호사의 업무경험

Employment Experiences of Nurses Caring for Foreign Patients


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify employment experiences of nurses caring for hospitalized foreign patients. Methods: For this study, 10 nurses caring for foreign patients for more than 6 months were chosen purposively. Data were collected through in-depth individual interviews from July to September 2013 and analyzed in terms of Giorgi's phenomenological methodology. Results: Five themes-clusters were identified from fifteen themes; 1) Awesome challenges; 2) Laborious dealing with barriers; 3) Acceptance of cultural differences; 4) Complete concentration of personal energy; 5) Taking a powerful step towards tomorrow. Conclusion: Results of this study reveal the significance of nurses' experiences in caring for foreign patients for the first time in Korea. The following are suggested: First, facilitation and training is necessary for language proficiency, communication skills and ability to understand cultural traits of foreign patients. Second, manuals and international guidelines for caring for foreign patients should be systematically developed to improve quality of healthcare services.

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