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Seismic Performance of an Existing Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Piloti Building Retrofitted by Steel Rod Damper


In this study, shaking table test was carried out to evaluate the seismic behavior and performance of low-rise reinforced concrete (RC) piloti structures with and without retrofit. The specimens were designed considering the characteristics of existing building with pilotis such as natural period, distribution factor of strength and stiffness between columns and core wall on the first soft story. The test for the non-retrofit specimen showed that damage was concentrated on the stiffer member on the same floor as the core wall failed by shear fracture whereas columns experienced slight flexural cracks. Considering the failure mode of the non-retrofit specimen, the retrofit method using steel rod damper was presented for improving the seismic performance of piloti structures. The results of the test for retrofit specimen revealed that the retrofit method was effective for controlling the damage as the main RC structural members were not destroyed and most of input energy was dissipated by hysteretic behavior of the damper.

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