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당뇨병 적정관리를 위한 교육 실태 분석: 우리나라 보건소를 중심으로

Focused on Diabetes Education Practice of Community Health Centers in Korea


Objectives: The purpose of this article was to investigate the current practice of diabetes education along with the specific interventions, process, and outcomes in community health centers in Korea. Methods: Data were collected by a mail questionnaire from September 20, 2012 to December 20, 2012. Among 253, a total of 161 responded, constituting a 63.3% return rate. Results: Primary staff of diabetes education was the nurse and respondents recognized their role largely as a director. More than half of respondents provided education to people with type 2 diabetes by group. Most common service offered was nutrition therapy and the majority of respondents used printed materials. Among 4 criteria of outcomes, eating (nutrition), knowledge scores, blood pressure, and patients' survey on satisfaction were collected most frequently. Nearly three quarters of respondents were not participated in activities for quality improvement and outcomes were not reported properly. Conclusions: The results are able to draw ideas for organizing diabetes education programs and evaluating outcomes in community heath centers. This article has significance that it is the first comprehensive survey of diabetes education practice in community health centers and provides a baseline for establishing national standards of diabetes self-management education.

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