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논문 상세정보

조선시대 다회장의 분포 및 도구에 관한 연구

A study on the distribution and tools of Dahoejangs in the Joseon Dynasty


Dahoejangs in the Joseon Dynasty were craftsmen who belonged in the Gyeonggongjang in Hansung government office. Out of 2,841 craftsmen who specialized in 129 types of work, 1 of them were Dahoejangs. Dahoejangs were craftsmen who made cords. However it was not passed down and currently Maedeupjangs are making cords and making Maedeup with the cords they have made. In the Uigwes the composition of Dahoejangs number and types of tools used in creating good for ceremonies are indicated. This study has found records of Dahoejangs from 50 Uigwes. The tools used were indicated as Haesagee, Hapsagee, Hapseongee, Yeonsagee, Sangsagee, Dahoegee, Yungjapan and some others. Haesagee is a tool that winds thread from a skein to a spool. Hapsagee is a tool that combines more than two yarns together. Hapseon is for combining thicker threads. Yeosagee is not a process of scouring for refining, but is assumed to be a tool to twisting yarn. There are no information left about the shape or working methods of Sangsagee but it is considered to be a tool for doubling several threads together. Based on the existing artifacts and painting of Dahoe, it is assumed that threads were woven on usually a round plate or bowl. Youngjapan is considered to be a tool for making tassels. This shows that Dahoejangs made tassels and it was completely separate from making Maedeups. There, it is evident that Dahoejangs made cords as well as tassels but the work of Maedeupjang were constricted to only making Maedeup with the cords given to them.

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