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논문 상세정보

꽃게 가공식품 이용실태 및 개발 요구도 조사

Current Use and Development Demand for Processed Blue Crabs


This study is basic research focused on product development and market activation based on analysis of current usage and demand for development of processed blue crabs. A total of 556 subjects aged 20s to 60s living in the Seoul area were surveyed. According to the survey, 65.1% of subjects consumed blue crabs at home, and 82% of them purchased blue crabs whole and undressed. Respondents gave higher marks to taste, nutrition, and texture compared to ingredient preparation, eating method, and price. Majority of blue crab consumers had no experiences of consuming processed blue crabs. Exactly 57.0% of consumers purchased them at big shopping centers, and the reason for purchasing was their good taste. When female consumers purchased processed blue crabs, they checked every part carefully compared to male consumers. Women gave high scores to blue crab powder, blue crab extract, blue crab croquette, and blue crab cake compared to men, demonstrating the necessity of developing processed blue crabs. Furthermore, the experienced processed blue crab group recognized the necessity of developing processed blue crabs compared to the inexperienced group. People showed significant differences in purchasing processed blue crabs according to gender as well as previous experience of blue crab consumption.

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