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논문 상세정보

수해양 교육을 위한 웹페이지 프로토타입 설계 연구

A Study on the Design of Prototype for Developing Webpage of Fisheries and Marine Education


The purpose of this study is to design of prototype for developing webpage of fisheries and marine education especially in the field of Busan area. For this, we extract the guideline for development from literature review, need and task analysis, and advices of subject domain experts. Followings were the results of the research: (a) We make the prototype for main menu and screen based on institute, time, subject, and location. (b) We make the prototype for program approach guide, which is consisted of location based menu constructing prototype guide, activation prototype guide, and selection prototype guide. (c) We make the prototype for functional guide, which is consisted of information section, participation section and other sections.

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