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논문 상세정보

간호보건계열 대학생의 건강 관련요인, 영양지식 및 식생활 태도

Health-related Factors, Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Habits among Nursing and Allied Health College Students


Purpose: This study compares the differences in health-related factors, nutrition knowledge and dietary habits between nursing and allied health college students. Methods: Nursing students(n=499) and allied health college students(n=402) were surveyed on their health-related factors, nutrition knowledge and dietary habits. Data were collected from two universities in A city, Korea. Data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, $x^2$ distribution and t-test, $x^2$-test and Pearson correlation coefficient using SPSS 21.0. Results: The level of nutrition knowledge was higher among nursing students than students majoring in other fields. Scores regarding dietary habits were not significantly different between nursing students and other students. Conclusion: Nutritional education for college students is needed in order to improve their health. Nutritional education programs should be tailored to meet various needs of these students.

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