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논문 상세정보

M&S를 이용한 항공기용 통합형 전기식 구동장치의 동적 안전성 연구

The Study of Dynamic Safety Using M&S for Integrated Electro-mechanical Actuator Installed on Aircraft


Electro-mechanical actuator installed on aircraft consists of a decelerator which magnifies the torque in order to rotate an axis connected with aircraft control surface, a control section which controls the motor assembly through receiving orders from cockpit and a motor assembly which rotates the decelerator. Electro-mechanical actuator controls aircraft altitude, position, landing, takeoff, etc. It is an important part of a aircraft. Aircraft maneuvering causes vibrations to electro-mechanical actuator. Vibrations may result in structural fatigue. For that reason, it is necessary to analyze the system structural safety. In order to analyze the system structural safety. It is needed reasonable finite element model and structural response stress closed to real value. In this paper, analytic model is derived by using the simplified finite element model, and damping ratio which is closely related to response stress is derived by using modal test. So, we developed analytic model in less than 10 % error rate, compared with modal test. Vibration response stress close to real value was estimated from analytic model modified with modal experimental damping ratio. Estimation method for damping ratio with empirical formula was suggested partly. Finally, It was proved that electro-mechanical actuator had reasonable structure margin of safety at environmental random $3{\sigma}$ stress during life cycle.

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