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논문 상세정보

입사각에 따른 반원형 입구형상 S-Shaped Intake에 대한 유동특성 연구

A study on Flow Characteristics of the Semi-Circular inlet S-Shaped Intake at Various Angle of Incidence


Air intakes are an essential component of aircraft engines. They are mainly used to offer uniform airflows to engine faces. Fighter aircraft have to mask the engine face inside the fuselage in order to reduce the Radar Cross Section(RCS). Therefore, offset intakes like a S-Duct are one of promising components for this purpose. During a fight, it is unavoidable that the flow will enter the intakes at some face angles other than zero. In this case, the performance of the aircraft engine will be influenced to the angle of incidence. In this study, the CFD analysis of the semi-circular S-Duct with AR(0.5,0) is performed to investigate the influence of the angle of incidence on the performance of the S-Duct using a distortion coefficient. To consider the adverse pressure gradient, a $k-{\omega}$ SST turbulence model is employed. The secondary flow and flow separation are observed for all computational cases. It is found that the positive incidence angle produces the best performances.

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