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중변형률 속도 유동응력 확보를 위한 고속 인장 실험기 설계

Design of High Speed Tensile Test Machine for Flow Stress under Intermediate Strain Rate Condition


A hydraulic tensile test machine (HSTM) is one of the devices used to obtain the flow stress of a material during high-speed elongation. This paper first describes some features of a newly built HSTM. The improvement histories of the upper and lower jigs, which are the most vital parts of the HSTM, are also presented. We have frequently witnessed test failures with 1st generation jigs and specimens due to slip between the jig and specimen. 2nd generation jigs provide more stable test results, but the use of a longer upper jig induces excessive vibration and consequently makes it difficult to attach an environment chamber. 3rd generation jigs have some advances in terms of the symmetric fastening between the upper jig and specimen, as well as an exemption from direct contact between the lower jig and specimen. The performance of an environment chamber is verified by high and low temperature tests. A high-speed displacement measurement system is introduced based on a high-speed camera and motion-tracking software with aid of a surface grid device for the specimen.

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