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논문 상세정보


For commercialization of fuel cell electric vehicles, one of the key objectives is to improve durability of MEA and electrocatalysts. Regarding electrocatalysts, the major issue is to reduce carbon corrosion and dissolution of Pt caused by harsh conditions, for example, SU/SD (Start-up/Shut-down). In this research, OER (Oxygen Evolution Reaction) catalyst has been developed improvement of durability. A modified polyol process is developed by controlling the pH of the solvent to synthesize the PtIr nanocatalysts on carbon supports. Each performance of the MEAs applying PtIr and Pt are equivalent because PtIrnanocatalysts have both ORR and OER activity. Breadboard test for catalyst durability in harsh conditions and high potentialsis found that the MEA applying PtIrnanocatalysts durability is improved more than the MEA applying Pt nanocatalysts.

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