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논문 상세정보

이젝터 구동관로의 직경비와 끝단의 위치 변화에 따른 유동특성

Flow Characteristics of Ejector Driven Pipe According to the Changes of Diameter Ratio and End Position


This study conducted CFD analysis on the mean velocity vector of distribution of the ejector driven pipe while changing the inlet velocity to 1 m/s at the diameter ratio of diffuser of 1:3, 1:2.25, 1:1.8 with the end position of driven pipe at 1, 1.253, 1.333, 1.467 respectively, which used $k-{\varepsilon}$/High Reynolds Number for the turbulence model, SIMPLE method for the analysis algorithm, and PIV experiment to verify the CFD analysis. As a result of the CFD analysis the optimum diameter ratio of ejector driven pipe was 1:3, the optimum end position of driven pipe was 1.333 for the diameter ratio of 1:3, 1:2.25, 1:1.8 and the PIV experiment obtained the same result as the CFD analysis. Therefore, the numerical analysis of the flow characteristics of ejector can be used for the optimum design implementation on ejector system.

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