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논문 상세정보

통영의 김금철 소목장 연구 I - 경남 통영 공예전수관 무형문화재 전수조교 김금철의 통영상감 기술을 중심으로

A Study on a Joiner, Geum-Cheol Kim in Tong-yeong, Gyeongnam I - Focused on The unique Inlay technique in Tong Yeong by an intangible cultural asset's inherited assistant, Geum-Cheol Kim -


This paper explores the inlaying technique of Geum-Cheol Kim, a joiner has made the traditional Korean furniture mostly popular in Tong Yeong in Gyeongnam province in Korea. He has adopted the technique in creating his furniture since he started learning and working the furniture making at sixteen years old. So he is only the cabinet maker with the technique in Tong Yeong GN. Samhojang, Seongtaenoemun, Gwuinoemun, and so on are the techniques inlaid in the furniture like Jang, Nong, Beoseonjang, Mungap and so on. The Tong-yeong techniques are even more difficult and take longer time than other ordinary inlays to be created, but they are very secured and last longer. And the techniques are very beautiful but today they are not well-known and used in Korea. Hence, the succession and preservation of the techniques are needed from the joiner to younger generation. Futhermore, the development on the easier and shorter process to create them is needed to be popular throughout Korea in order to be useful for contemporary furniture.

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