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논문 상세정보

연성회로기판 기반 수평전열관 표면의 비등기포거동 가시화 실험 연구

Visualization Experiment for Nucleate Boiling Bubble Motion on a Horizontal Tube Heater Fabricated with Flexible Circuit Board


The Passive Auxiliary Feedwater System(PAFS) is one of the advanced safety concepts adopted in the Advanced Power Reactor Plus(APR+). To validate the operational performance of the PAFS, detailed understanding of a boiling heat transfer on horizontal tube outside is of great importance. Especially, in the mechanistic boiling heat transfer model, it is important to visualize the phenomena but there are some limitations with conventional experimental approaches. In the present study, we devised a heater based on the Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) for a more comprehensive visualization and subsequently, a digital image processing technique for the bubble motion measurement was established. Using the measurement technique, important parameters of the nucleate boiling are analyzed.

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