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논문 상세정보

병원 진단검사의학부의 공간구조와 설비기준에 대한 조사 - 미국, 영국, 독일을 중심으로

A Study on the Space Organization and Facility Equipment of Medical Laboratory - focusing on the USA, UK and Germany -


Purpose: As medicare services have gotten spreaded, clinical laboratory has been dominant position. So, it has been acted for quality control and clinical pathology accreditation. But there has been quite deficient information to evaluate working space and technical standards of medical laboratory for accreditation. This study goals to figure out accreditation standard and design guideline for clinical laboratory, and to give safe and efficient design information. Methods: This study has been searched by literature for accreditation standards and design guidelines of clinical pathology in USA, UK, and Germany. Results: Three countries have accredited based on working lab space, staff space, storage space, patient space and health and safety equipment. Design guidelines of three countries commonly have focused on worktable layout, worktable distance and module, and specific laboratory biosafety level. And USA guidelines stress on the architectural design such as design process and passage distance for escape, UK stress on the efficiency as functional work flow and construction cost, lastly Germany design guidelines stress on the operator's safety distance and workstation. Three countries have not only accreditation standards but also design guidelines for more specific quality management, separating from accrediting institute. Implications: In korea, it has been needed to make clinical laboratory design guideline for the safe and efficient environment and reliable and competitive medical service.

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