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논문 상세정보

캄보디아와 라오스의 가루깍지벌레(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) 분포조사 II

Faunistic Study of Family Pseudococcidae (Hemiptera) from Cambodia and Laos II


캄보디아와 라오스에는 지금까지 가루깍지벌레과 25종 및 18종이 각각 보고되어 있다. 2015년 이들 지역에서 가루깍지벌레과14종이 채집 되었으며, 그 중 캄보디아에서 2종[Antonina graminis (Maskell, 1897), Coccidohystrix insolita (Green, 1908)], 라오스에서 5 종[Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead, 1894), Paracoccus marginatus Williams & Granara de Willink, 1992, Phenacoccus solani (Ferris, 1918), Rastrococcus iceryoides (Green, 1908)]을 처음으로 보고한다.


Previously, only 25 species of Pseudococcidae (mealybugs) were known to occur in Cambodia, and only 18 species in Laos. In 2015, we collected 14 mealybug species in these two countries, including six species not previously known to occur in these areas: Coccidohystrix insolita (Green, 1908) in Cambodia; Antonina graminis (Maskell, 1897) in both countries; and Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead, 1894), Paracoccus marginatus Williams & Granara de Willink, 1992, Phenacoccus solani (Ferris, 1918), and Rastrococcus iceryoides (Green, 1908) in Laos.

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