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논문 상세정보

임신성 당뇨 임부의 우울 관련 요인

Factor associated with depression in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to determine the fatigue, self-esteem, and depression of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus (G-DM), and to reveal associated factors of depression. Methods: As a descriptive correlation study, data was collected from 119 pregnant women with G-DM. Data was analysed using t-test, ANOVA, and stepwise multiple regression. Results: Fatigue, self-esteem, and depression averaged $2.09{\pm}.62$ (range of scale 1~4), $2.63{\pm}.32$ (range of scale 1~6), and $0.45{\pm}.25$ (range of scale 0~3), respectively. The depression varied with a statistical significance according to the age (p=.008), employment (p=.014), child (p=.034), and physical and psychological adjustment of pregnancy (p<.001). We also identified fatigue as the most influencing factor and the physical and psychological adjustment of pregnancy as the second most influencing factor, self-esteem as the third, age as the fourth, and child as the influencing factor on the G-DM women's depression. Conclusions: This research provided a valuable opportunity to recognize G-DM as a personal, and societal problem, which calls for relational support as well as personal support. The healthcare providers need to recognize the emotional aspects of the women with G-DM, and make various efforts to promote the physical and psychological health of the G-DM patients.

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