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논문 상세정보

일개 병원의 수술실 약제관련 업무 적정화 방안연구: 설문조사를 중심으로

Evaluating Appropriateness of Medication Use in the Operating Rooms of a Tertiary Hospital: Based on Survey


Background: Since the use of opioid analgesics is frequent in operation rooms (OR), the risk of medication error is high; however the use of medication in the OR has been operating independently with the hospital pharmacy. Therefore, the assessment on management of medication use in operation and the pharmacist's role is needed. Methods: We conducted the literature review and survey from anesthesiologists, operating nurses at Chung-Ang Hospital on management of medication for operation use, awareness on need for medication management efficiency, need for satellite pharmacy in the operating room and its effect. Results: 56% of medical staffs responded that management of medication in the operating room is efficient; however, 82.6% responded that they felt the inconvenience in medication delivery to the OR when additional prescription was ordered. 51.5% also responded that extra time was required for management of narcotics and inventory/record keeping. 80% agreed that there could be lost costs due to prescription missed. Medical staffs responded improving the drug management system could increase the OR efficiency (87%), and eventually bring the increase in hospital revenue (80.4%). Those who responded that implementation of OR satellite pharmacy was needed include physicians (84.6%), nurses (63.6%), and also responded that it'd bring more profit to the hospital by increasing the efficiency in OR (60.9%). Conclusion: For efficient management of medications, implementation of OR satellite pharmacy would lead to improved drug management and increased efficiency in OR and reduced cost and improved patient care.

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