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논문 상세정보

학령기 아동의 성교육에 대한 통합적 고찰

Integrative Review of Sex Education for School Age Children


Purpose: This study is an integrative review to analyze articles about sex education for school age children in Korean journals. This study explored the year, methods, major variables and key findings of previous studies. Methods: Five electronic databases and eleven journals of nursing in Korean language were searched to find studies done until 2017. 75 papers published from 1995 to 2017 were selected (43 were survey studies and 32 were intervention studies). Results: Among the intervention studies, there was no Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) study. Most intervention studies were conducted to change sexual knowledge and sexual attitudes. Among the survey studies, Q methodology and content analysis were used. The subjects' sexual knowledge and sexual consciousness were measured low in some studies. The sex education for school age children was composed of elementary school students' perception, understanding and needs related to sex. In addition, sex education was carried out to improve students' informational aspects such as sexual knowledge, prevention of sexual violence and secondary sexual character as well as emotional aspects such as sexual attitude. However, research on sexual consciousness, sexual values and sexual identity was insufficient. Conclusion: In order to develop an effective sex education program for school age children, it is necessary to consider the degree of their perception, understanding and needs and reflect both the social and cultural aspects as well as the informational and emotional aspects.

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