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논문 상세정보

종합병원 로비의 기능요소에 따른 공간구조 분석

Analysis of the Spatial Configuration of Lobby in General Hospital


General hospitals in Korea have increased more in size since 2000, and as not only medical service but the quality of the environment also got important, the considerable changes have appeared revolving around the lobbies. This study is a basic research to find a direction of a plan for general hospital lobbies in response to the demands that change. It was examined the current condition of lobbies so as to derive the idea of types of lobbies and of functional elements, and based on the research, it was compared and analyzed in terms of the spatial configuration to draw the characteristics by type. The result of the research is as follows. (1) The lobbies were explored after being classified into four types; the plan(central type/street type) and the elevation(eclectic type/double-story type). (2) The hall and corridor were ranked high in order of importance in the whole spatial configuration, and it has been utilized in various ways. (3) Also, each type differed with the others in its main functional area, regarding traffic line efficiency and spatial intelligibility.

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