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논문 상세정보

조선전기 당(堂)·실(室) 결합 건축의 가구특성 분석 -방형 평면의 맞배직교형 지붕 가구를 중심으로

A Study on the Structure of Combined Architecture of Dang and Sil in the Early Joseon Dynasty -Focusing on the Rectangular Plan and the Gable Roof Meeting at Right Angle-


This study investigates how the spatial recognition structure is emerging through the case of rectangular plan combined with a combination of Dang-Sil(堂室) and Gong(工) shape roof, and identifies a type of architecture in the early Joseon Dynasty that has never been revealed. The conclusion of this study is as follows. First, the Dang and the Sil are connected to each other, but the architectural elements such as pillars, frame, and windows are distinguished and appear as separate buildings. Second, the distinction between Dang and Sil is evident by the difference in the number of ridges and the shape of the roof. In addition, the roof and roof framework of the independent rooms and the rooms were common in the right angled architecture where the direction and the expandability of each structure were maintained. Third, the construction of the Dang-Sil combined structure, in which two or more structure frameworks were combined with the rectangular combined flat roof structure, gradually changed into a single structure with a single ridge. Fourth, this change means that people of the early Joseon Dynasty recognized the Dang and Sil as separate architecture, but the strict sense of spatial separation has disappeared over time.

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