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논문 상세정보

국방 군사시설의 BIM적용 및 활성화 방안 연구

Research of Application and Facilitation of BIM on Military Facilities


Since its beginning the military has continued updating its equipments and facilities by modernizing and expanding them. However, with rapidly growing technologies and business management skills, the time for military facilities' evolvement seems unavoidable. The Defense Installations Agency (DIA) has come to a conclusion that application of BIM is necessary. Since its decision, the DIA has been researching the use of BIM and developing guidelines for its application. Nevertheless, the speed of instructions and practical implementation of its model have been behind its plan due to various reasons. To overcome its limitations, the DIA has come up with three-step-solution: basic experience, budgeting, and expansion. Due to numerous number of projects of BIM, it is almost impractical to implement all of them concurrently. The methodological approach of the research employs the Delphi survey method to quantitatively analyze qualitative information drawn from experts' opinions. By applying the Delphi survey method, the first round of the survey drew lists of constraints, BIM application scenarios as well as BIM promotion measures. Afterwards, at the second round of the survey, criticality of each item collected at the 1st round was analyzed to reach a conclusion. Finally, constraints against BIM application were analyzed, and BIM application scenarios and promotion measures for the BIM were introduced.

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