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논문 상세정보

개봉 전후 트윗 개수의 증감률과 영화 매출간의 상관관계

A Study of Correlation Analysis between Increase / Decrease Rate of Tweets Before and After Opening and a Box Office Gross


Predicting a box office gross in the film industry is an important goal. Many works have analyzed the elements of a film making. Previous studies have suggested several methods for predicting box office such as a model for distinguishing people's reactions by using a sentiment analysis, a study on the period of influence of word-of-mouth effect through SNS. These works discover that a word of mouth (WOM) effect through SNS influences customers' choice of movies. Therefore, this study analyzes correlations between a box office gross and a ratio of people reaction to a certain movie by extracting their feedback on the film from before and after of the film opening. In this work, people's reactions to the movie are categorized into positive, neutral, and negative opinions by employing sentiment analysis. In order to proceed the research analyses in this work, North American tweets are collected between March 2011 and August 2012. There is no correlation for each analysis that has been conducted in this work, hereby rate of tweets before and after opening of movies does not have relationship between a box office gross.

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