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논문 상세정보

보통 포틀랜드 콘크리트 기반 교면포장 재료 성능 평가

Performance Evaluation of Bridge Deck Materials based on Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete


PURPOSES : The purpose of this study is to develop bridge deck concrete materials based on ordinary Portland cement concrete, and to evaluate the applicability of the developed materials through material properties tests. METHODS : For field implementation, raw material (cement, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate) properties, fresh concrete properties (slump and air content), strength (compressive, flexural and bond strength) gain, and durability (freeze-thaw resistance, scaling resistance, and rapid chloride penetrating resistance) performance were evaluated in the laboratory. RESULTS : For the selected binder content of $410kg/m^3$, W/B = 0.42, and S/a = 0.48, the following material performance results were obtained. Considering the capacity of the deck finisher, a minimum slump of 150 mm was required. At least 6 % of air content was obtained to resist freeze-thaw damage. In terms of strength, 51.28 MPa of compressive strength, 7.41 MPa of flexural strength, and 2.56 MPa of bond strength at 28 days after construction were obtained. A total of 94.9 % of the relative dynamic modulus of elasticity after 300 cycles of freeze-thaw resistance testing and $0.0056kg/m^2$ of weight loss in a scaling resistance test were measured. However, in a chloride ion penetration resistance test, the result of 3,356 Coulomb, which exceeds the threshold value of the standard specification (1000 Coulomb at 56 days) was observed. CONCLUSIONS : Instead of using high-performance modified bridge deck materials such as latex or silica fume, we developed an optimum mix design based on ordinary Portland cement concrete. A test construction was carried out at ramp bridge B (bridge length = 111 m) in Gim Jai City. Immediately after the concrete was poured, the curing compound was applied, and then wet mat curing was applied for 28 days. Considering the fact that cracks did not occur during the monitoring period, the applicability of the developed material is considered to be high.

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