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논문 상세정보

형상분류를 이용한 성인여성의 체질별 안면형태 특징에 관한 연구

A Study on the Characteristics of Facial Shape in Adult Women by Sasang Constitution Using Hyungsang Classification


Objectives This study was aimed to analyze characteristics of facial shapes in adult women by sasang constitution using hyungsang classification. Methods Using a digital camera, we took a picture of 1,011 women who participated in clinical study on menstrual pain and acquired their 3D facial images with a face-only scanner. They filled out SSCQ-P(sasang constitution questionnaire for patient) for the diagnosis of sasang constitution. Based on the above photographs and 3D images, one of the hyungsang medicine specialist diagnosed according to five diagnostic criteria. The sasang constitution was diagnosed by referring to questionnaires and photographs. Frequency analysis was performed using the statistical analysis system version 9.4 and chi-square test was performed for validity evaluation. Results In taeeumin, the wide face shape(n=261, 74.36%) was much more than the narrow shape(n=90, 25.64%) and the convex face profile(n=164, 85.86%) was much more than the concave profile(n=27, 14.14%). Regardless of sasang constitution, angular face shape(n=501, 50%) was the most, followed by oval shape(n=317, 31.64%). Subjects with big ears(n=291, 29.19%) were the most, while big eyes(n=104, 10.43%) were the least. Subjects with eyes and nose tip upward(n=615, 78.05%) were the most, while eyes and nose tip downward(n=22, 2.79%) were the least. Conclusions Most Korean adult women have angular face, such as square or diamond, with slanted eyes and upturned nose. Taeeumin women have wide facial shape and convex profile.

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