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논문 상세정보

2014년도 주거실태조사에 나타난 청년 1인 임차가구의 가족 지원 및 주거비 부담에 따른 주거 실태 및 주거 기대

Young Single-Person Renter Households' Housing Situation and Expectations in Relation to Family Support and Housing Cost Burden Reflected in the 2014 Korea Housing Survey


This study explored housing situation and expectations of young (age between 20 and 34 years) single-person Jeon-se renters and monthly renters with deposit in relation with their family support and own housing cost burden status. Major findings from the analysis of 1,695,729 households were as follows: (1) Among subjects, 27.4% received family supports to pay their rent deposit, and 39.4% had more 'own housing cost burdens' to have housing costs minus the amount supported by their family be 30% or more of their income. (2) More than 11% were found to be 'more burdened' despite receipt of family supports. (3) Family support status was found to be related to formation of first-time households and tenure changes, while own housing cost burden was found to be related to current housing situation and previous and next housing size changes. (4) Households received family supports showed a greater proportion of first-time households or households experienced tenure upgrades. (5) 'Less burdened' households tended to expect housing size upgrade in their next move more positively. Based on the study findings, it was suggested to extend supply of rental housing and housing subsidy targeting young renters in conjunction with programs to encourage their savings.

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