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논문 상세정보


Objectives : Adenophorae Radix(AR) is the dried root of Adenphora triphylla var. japonica HARA. AR has the efficacy of clarifying lung, emitting pus, expelling wind, stopping pruitus and so on. Recently, various studies are being done about anti-oxidative, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects of AR. So, we expected AR has an availability that can improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis(AD). Methods : In this study, we measured body weight, weight of ear, thickness of ear skin and dorsum skin, symptom score, reproduction rate of splenocytes in vivo and in vitro of mouse with AD induced by DNCB. We experimented with five groups of 9 mice, such as normal group, control group, AR spread(ARS) group, AR feeding(ARF) group, AR spread&feeding(ARSF) group. Results : Control group of body weight significantly reduced and APSF group significantly increased in the first and second week. In weight of ear and thickness of ear skin and dorsum skin, control group significantly increased and ARSF group significantly decreased. In macrophotography viewpoint of dorsal skin, ARS group, ARF group and ARSF group decreased severe pigmented skin lesion, erythema and desquamation as compared with control group. Especially ARSF group showed significant drop. ARS group, ARF group and ARSF group compared to control group were improved in histopathology observation. In vitro and in vivo, treatment group of AR increased proliferation rate of splenocytes, specially in vitro significantly. Conclusions : This experiment indicates Adenophorae Radix extracts is effective on AD induced by DNCB in mice.

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