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논문 상세정보

청소년의 노인부양의식에 미치는 영향 요인 분석

Influencing Factors of Awareness of Support for the Aged among Adolescents in Korea


Purpose: This study provides information for the development of educational programs for improving awareness of support to the elderly among adolescents. Methods: The 350 students of high schools located in Seoul were selected as subjects and surveyed using structured questionnaires during 11th~15th of April in 2014. The 327 subjects were used for analysis and the response rate was 93.4%. SPSS/WIN18.0 program was performed for t-test, ANOVA and regression analysis. Results: First, adolescents with parents aged over 50 compared to those with parents younger than 40 showed high level of awareness of support to the elderly. The high level of cognitive factors including image and perception towards the elderly (t=3.07, p=.01) were significant factors of awareness of support to the elderly. In experiential factors, adolescents with extensive influence of media and experiences with cohabitation with grandparents, and experiences with voluntary service activities were statistically significant with the high level of awareness of support to the elderly. Second, in regression analysis, adolescents' economic support awareness was higher with the stronger influence in the elderly-related media (${\beta}=.221$, p=.032). The emotional support awareness was higher among the eldest sons (${\beta}=.220$, p=.017) and perception (${\beta}=.352$, p=.001) to elderly (${\beta}=.221$, p=.032). Physical support awareness was higher when the positive image for the elderly (${\beta}=.223$, p=.016) and the high perception towards the elderly (${\beta}=.293$, p=.007). Conclusion: The awareness of support to the elderly should be constantly strengthened to the adolescents. Despite the rapid increase of the elderly, studies are not sufficient. Further research will be necessary.

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