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논문 상세정보

고추씨를 첨가한 즉석 고추장의 품질특성

Quality Characteristics of Instant Gochujang added with Red Pepper Seeds Powder


This study produced instant Gochujang(red pepper paste) with enhanced convenience by increasing nutritional value and palatability, and by reducing production period, adding in the red pepper seed in the red pepper paste production in order to increase the use of the red pepper seed that is not used often as a food ingredient even though its nutrition value when producing red pepper paste was proven. Moisture content, pH, L-value, a-value, b-value, sugar contents, and salinity of instant Gochujang tended to increase as the amount of red pepper seed increased, while viscosity manifested the opposite trend. Sensory evaluations were conducted on instant Gochujang to assess differences in characteristics, which demonstrated that as the amount of red pepper seeds powder increased, the intensity of redness for the red pepper paste's external appearance, luster, spicy flavor and taste, and savory taste were evaluated strong. Meanwhile, fermentation value, which is red pepper paste's foremost weakness was evaluated as weak. Moreover, there was no difference in the size of the grain when compared to the contrast group consisting of regular red pepper paste. The results of preference test demonstrated that the RG3 with 30% of red pepper seed is optimal in terms of the external appearance, taste, texture and overall preference.

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