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논문 상세정보

조선전기 맞배직교형 건축의 유형과 전파

A Study on the Type and Spread of Framed Structure of Gable Roof Meeting at Right Angle in the early Joseon Dynasty


This study investigates the types and spread of framed structures of gable roofs meeting at right angle showed in old architecture and documentary paintings of houses, which were well liked in the early Joseon Dynasty. The conclusions of this study were as follows. First, the framed structure of gable roof meeting at right angle can be divided or recognized in 4 types according to their structure's size and purlin's position. Three of those types were noted to be in Seoul. Second, the framed structure of gable roofs meeting at right angle begun from the awareness of their independence from one another. Each space was divided based on their functions. Therefore, it could be extended in various forms, not only in the square plan physique but also in many different forms. And allowed free plan configuration regardless of column layouts or size of structure. Third, 5 purlins and 3 purlins crossing structure were preferred in Han-yang, the early Joseon Dynasty. It is related to the specific construction conditions of urban houses, such as the slope of land, limited land area, and economic power. Fourth, urban housing techniques were diffused throughout the country by officials who lived in Kae-gyeong and Han-yang at the end of Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasty. In other regions, framed structure of gable roof meeting at right angle households decreased, but in some regions of Gyeongsang-province, framed structure of gable roof meeting at right angle has maintained with Staggered purlin.

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