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논문 상세정보

A Pseudo-Random Beamforming Technique for Time-Synchronized Mobile Base Stations with GPS Signal


This paper proposes a pseudo-random beamforming technique for time-synchronized mobile base stations (BSs) for multi-cell downlink networks which have mobility. The base stations equipped with multi-antennas and mobile stations (MSs) are time-synchronized based on global positioning system (GPS) signals and generate a number of transmit beamforming matrix candidates according to the predetermined pseudo-random pattern. In addition, MSs generate receive beamforming vectors that correspond to the beam index number based on the minimum mean square error (MMSE) using transmit beamforming vectors that make up a number of transmit beamforming matrices and wireless channel matrices from BSs estimated via the reference signals (RS). Afterward, values of received signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) with regard to all transmit beamforming vectors are calculated, and the resulting values are then feedbacked to the BS of the same cells along with the beam index number. Each of the BSs calculates each of the sum-rates of the transmit beamforming matrix candidates based on the feedback information and then transmits the calculated results to the BS coordinator. After this, optimum transmit beamforming matrices, which can maximize a sum-rate of the entire cells, are selected at the BS coordinator and informed to the BSs. Finally, data signals are transmitted using them. The simulation results verified that a sum-rate of the entire cells was improved as the number of transmit beamforming matrix candidates increased. It was also found that if the received SINR values and beam index numbers are feedbacked opportunistically from each of the MSs to the BSs, not only nearly the same performance in sum-rate with that of applying existing feedback techniques could be achieved but also an amount of feedback was significantly reduced.

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