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Mechanical shear connectors are commonly used to transfer longitudinal shear forces across the steel-concrete interface in composite beams. Steel pipe as a new shear connector is proposed in this research and its performance to achieve composite strength is investigated. Experimental monotonic push-out tests were carried out for this connector. Then, a nonlinear finite element model of the push-out specimens is developed and verified against test results. Further, the finite element model is used to investigate the effects of pipe thickness, length and diameter on the shear strength of the connectors. The ultimate strengths of these connectors are reported and their respective failure modes are discussed. This paper comprises of the push-out tests of ten specimens on this shear connector in both the vertical and horizontal positions in different reinforced concretes. The results of experimental tests are given as load-deformation plots. It is concluded that the use of these connectors is very effective and economical in the medium shear demand range of 150-350 KN. The dominant failure modes observed were either failure of concrete block (crushing and splitting) or shear failure of pipe connector. It is shown that the horizontal pipe is not as effective as vertical pipe shear connector and is not recommended for practical use. It is shown that pipe connectors are more effective in transferring shear forces than channel and stud connectors. Moreover, based on the parametric study, a formula is presented to predict the pipe shear connectors' capacity.

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