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The Effects of Head-lift Exercise on Swallowing Function in Patients with Stroke


PURPOSE: We aimed to study the effect of head-lift exercise on the neck strength and swallowing function in patients with stroke. METHODS: Our study included 20 patients with stroke hemiparesis. All patients were randomly allocated to either the head-lift exercise or the conventional swallowing therapy group, and each group included 10 patients. All patients underwent the exercise over a mean period of 30 min daily for 6 weeks. Neck strength and swallowing function were assessed prior to and 6 weeks following the training period. We used a paired t-test to compare the within-group change before and after the intervention. We used an independent t-test to compare the between-group difference. The statistical significance level was set at ${\alpha}=.05$ for all variables. RESULTS: The head-lift exercise group showed a significant within-group change in terms of the neck strength and swallowing function (p<.05). The conventional swallowing therapy group also showed a statistically significant change (p<.05). A statistically significant difference was observed between the head-lift exercise and the conventional swallowing therapy group with regard to the change in both, the neck strength and swallowing function after application of the intervention (p<.05). CONCLUSION: This study provides valuable information for future studies in this field. Further studies involving a wider range of patients and a longer experiment span are required to strengthen the results of our study.

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