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논문 상세정보


In this study, we tested Japanese trolling lines in the Jeju fishery. This fishery simulates the natural marine environment with many seabed rocks, and has been redesigned and manufactured it to be suitable for the Jeju fishery. In order to ensure that the trolling lines were deployed at the inhabitation depth of hairtails, the conditions required for the fishing gear to reach the target depth were determined for use during the experiment. The experimental test fishing was conducted at the depth of 120 m water in front of Jeju Seongsanpo and in the offshore area of Jeju Hanlim. The fishing gear used in the test fishing is currently used in a variety of field operations in Japan. However, several problems were identified, such as twisting of the line during its deployment and excessive sinking of the main line. The fishing gear was, therefore, redesigned and manufactured to be more suitable for the Jeju fishery environment. For the fishing gear to accurately reach the target depth, depth loggers were installed at the starting point of the main line and at the 250 m and 340 m points of the line. Depth and time were recorded every 10 seconds. According to the daytime positioning of hairtails in the lower water column, the target depth of the fishing gear was set at 100-110 m, which was 10-20 m above the sea floor. At a speed of 1.9 knots and with a 9 kg sinker attached, the main fishing line was deployed and catch yields at depths of 100 m, 150 m and 180 m were recorded and analyzed. When the 180 m main line was fully deployed, the time for the hairtail trolling lines to arrive at the appropriate configuration had to be 5 minutes. At this time, the depth of the fishing gear was 16-23 m above the sea floor, in accordance with the depths at which the hairtails were during the day. In addition, in order to accurately place the fishing gear at the inhabitation water depth of hairtails, the experimental test fishing utilized the results of the depth testing that identified the conditions required for the fishing gear to reach the target depth, and the result was a catch of up to 97 kg a day.

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