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논문 상세정보

건설공사 현장 안전관리 인적 체계 효율성 개선에 관한 연구

A Study on Efficiency Improvement of the Safety Management Personnel System in Construction Site


Safety accidents, which are called industrial accidents in construction work, are often caused by unstable physical and personal conditions combined during preparation and execution of work. It is difficult to manage all the construction works, but especially in the field of apartment construction work, complex and many kinds of works are being carried out at the same time. In the current construction, safety regulations such as safety management guidelines are generally well maintained, but the execution of manpower resources that can fulfill them is limited, and it is difficult to reduce the accident rate and loss cost. Therefore, in this study, it is a reality that most of the types of construction work are under contruction by subcontracting contract, so they are limit by methods of manual maintenance and safety education. Currently, the subcontractor is also allowed to perform safety management through the composition of the safety management review body, but it is operated formally. So alternatives to this were studied. As a result, safety accidents occur in the subcontractor's worker due to vertical integration, which is characteristic of the construction industry, together to the contractor, the safety management system is based on a safety construction system in which a worker who has a certain qualification condition such as career experience of the work type, work understanding of the work type, and management experience of the work type among the subcontractor, when we manage based on mutual personality which is the personality of interpersonal relationship that can communicate with each other by work type, process and grouping, it is concluded that effective and practical safety management can be achieved to reduce the accident rate and loss cost.

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