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Newly-designed high-rise buildings, both in China and abroad, have demonstrated new innovations from the creative concept to the creative method. from the creative concept to the creative method. At the same time, digital technology has enabled more design freedom in the vertical dimension. "Twisting" has gradually become the morphological choice of many city landmark buildings in recent years. The form seems more likely to be driven by the interaction of aesthetics and structural engineering. Environmental performance is often a secondary consideration; it is typically not simulated until the evaluation phase. Based on the research results of "DigitalFUTURE Shanghai 2017 Workshop - Wind Tunnel Visualization", an approach that can be employed by architects to design environmental-performance buildings during the early stages has been explored. The integration of a dynamic form-finding approach (DFFA) and programming transforms the complex relationship between architecture and environment into a dialogue of computer language and dynamic models. It allows the design to focus on the relationship between morphology and the surrounding environment, and is not limited to the envelope form itself. This new concept of DFFA in this research consists of three elements: 1) architectural form; 2) integration of wind tunnel and dynamic models; and 3) environmental response. The concept of wind tunnel testing integrated with a dynamic model fundamentally abandons the functional definition of the traditional static environment simulation analysis. Instead it is driven by integral environmental performance as the basic starting point of morphological generation.

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