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논문 상세정보


This study is about the development of a non-sintered binder (NSB) which does not require a sintering process by using the industrial by-products Phosphogypsum (PG), Waste Lime (WL) and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS). In this report, through SEM analysis of the NSB paste hardening body, micropore analysis of paste using the mercury press-in method and microstructure observation were executed to consider the influence of the formation of the pore structure and the distribution of pore volume on strength, and the following conclusions were reached. 1) Pore structure of NSB paste of early age is influenced by hydrate generation amount by GBFS and activator. 2) Through observing the internal microstructure of NSB binder paste, it was found that the strength expression at early age due to hydration reaction was achieved with a large amount of ettringite serving as the frame with C-S-H gel generated at the same time. It was confirmed that C-S-H gel wrapped around ettringite, and as time passed, the amount generated continually increased, and C-S-H gel tightly filled the pores of hardened paste, forming a dense network-type web structure. 3) For NSB-type cement, the degree of formation of gel pores below $10{\mu}m$ had a greater influence on strength improvement than simple pore reduction by charging capillary pores, and the pore size that had the greatest effect on strength was micropores with diameter below $10{\mu}m$.

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