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논문 상세정보


The method of operating a game could determine the psychological distance between the player and the game character, and thus, in the Virtual Reality, players' control methodologies are important to enhance their immersion. This study has the objective of examining the difference in games according to the method of operation based on the player's movements. This study researched the effect of the method of operating movement conforming to the movement of the character and the physical operation of the body on forming game experiences for the player. The result of performing an experiment increased reality for the game player through a controller in the shape of the actual control, to increase focus in the game. As so, game play through movements, including actual movements by the player displayed to enhance game satisfaction. In the part of media remediation field, Game can be defined as media which has their own unique hypermediacy. Especially, in the motion based game, players' movement mediates players and the game, therefore, players' movement could make players' experience augmented or immediate in accordance with the characteristics of movements. Even though sports and dances genres of motion-based games are common, RPG or adventure genres are rare. It can be explained that the characteristics of the action have been explained in the immediacy. In a game of fantasy, which is difficult to experience in real-life situations, the nature of the player's motion can increase the immersion of the game, which can contribute to utilization of players' motion and experience design in the various genres and suggestion of grounds theory. In addition, through this study, it is able to design motion-based games of various genres.

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