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논문 상세정보

페로니켈슬래그와 하수슬러지소각재를 이용한 액비로부터 스트루바이트 생산 타당성 연구

Feasibility Tests on Struvite Production from Liquid Fertilizer by Utilizing Ferronickel Slag and Sewage Sludge Ash


Liquid fertilizers made from livestock manure contain high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus and thus are used as a fertilizer. However, excessive use of liquid fertilizer causes eutrophication of agricultural land and nonpoint source pollution. In this study, as a means of lowering the nutrient concentrations, struvite ($MgNH_4PO_4{\cdot}6H_2O$) production from the liquid fertilizer was investigated. When liquid fertilizers produced in Gyeonggido were analyzed, its characteristics differed by region and season, but the phosphorus concentration was commonly lower than that of nitrogen. When $K_2HPO_4$ and $MgCl_2$ were added to the liquid fertilizers, the optimal pH for struvite formation was pH 9.5. For environmentally friendly sources of magnesium and phosphate, ferronickel slag (FNS) and sewage sludge ash (SSA) were suspended in deionized water and extracted by sulfuric acid with various mass ratios. The optimum conditions for extracting FNS and SSA were 4.0 M sulfuric acid and 0.35 mass ratio of sulfuric acid to sewage sludge ash, respectively. For forming struvite, 0.233 L of SSA leachate (SSAL) was added into 0.3 L of liquid fertilizer containing 2,586 mg/L of ammonia and 110 mg/L of phosphate, pH was then adjusted to pH 9.5 using 10 M of NaOH. Afterwards 0.333 L of FNS leachate (FNSL) was added to this mixed solution. After a reaction for 1 hr at room temperature, the remaining concentrations of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate were less than 50 mg/L, 500 mg/L and 150 mg/L, respectively, and 30 g of precipitates were obtained, most of which were struvite.

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