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논문 상세정보

Usable water production from coal seam gas water with a combination of pore control fiber filtration and reverse osmosis

Environmental engineering research v.23 no.2 , 2018년, pp.210 - 215  

Coal seam gas (CSG) water, to be discharged, has been usually treated in reverse osmosis (RO) plants which require extensive and expensive pre-treatment. However, current low gas prices have been a great driver for relevant industries to seek for alternative cost-effective technologies in the aspect of its beneficial use and fit-for-purpose usable water production. In this paper, a combined system with a two-stage pore control fiber (PCF) filtration and a RO system was designed and tested for CSG water treatment. Also, a coagulation reactor was placed in front of the PCF to further enhance suspended solid removal. More than 99% of SS were removed through the PCF filtration while organic, total nitrogen and total phosphorous were mostly removed by the RO system. Especially along with a decrease in conductivity, the total dissolved solid derived from salts was mainly removed in the RO system. Having $OH^-$ undetected, $HCO_3{^-}$ was found to be a dominant compound and its removal efficiency was 97-98% after the RO treatment. And a Fe(III) type of Polytetsu, which was the first to be tested in this paper, was found to be a better option than a Al(III) type of Poly Aluminium Chloride due to its greater coagulation efficiency and applicability at a broader range of pH than the Al(III) type. In addition, there was no noticeable change in oxidation reduction potential, suggesting that an additional process is required to oxidize non-ionic organic carbons (detected as total organic carbon).

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