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논문 상세정보

기능성 소화불량에 대한 육군자탕 엑스과립의 사상체질별 치료효과: 위약 대조, 이중 맹검, 무작위 시험

Effects of a Herbal Medicine, Yukgunja-Tang Extract Granule, on Functional Dyspepsia Patients by Sasang Constitution: Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Randomized Trial


Objectives This study was aimed to compare effects of Yukgunja-tang (YGJT) extract granule on functional dyspepsia (FD) by sasang constitution. Methods A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized, two-center trial was performed. We obtained 3D face images of FD patients participating in this study using face-only scanner and classified them into two types as narrow face and wide face by 3D facial shape diagnosis system (3-FSDS). 96 subjects (48 subjects per type) were enrolled and were randomly allocated into treatment or control groups in a 2:1 ratio. YGJT extract granule or placebo were administered to each group during the 8 week treatment period. One of sasang constitutional specialist diagnosed their constitutions by referring to questionnaires and 3D face images. The primary outcome was total dyspepsia symptom scale (TDS scale), the secondary outcomes were single dyspepsia symptom scale (SDS scale), visual analog scale (VAS) and so on. This trial was registered with clinical research information service identifier: KCT0001920, 15 May, 2016. Results In the Taeeumin treatment group, the TDS scale was significantly decreased after 8 weeks compared to the control group (t=2.331, p=0.025) and the SDS scale also significantly decreased. (t=2.042, p=0.048). The specific effects of the YGJT extract granule without the placebo effect on the Taeeumin with functional dyspepsia were 30.61% in TDS scale and 28.33% in SDS scale. Conclusions The effects of Yukgunja-tang extract granule on functional dyspepsia was different according to Sasang constitution. So the constitution should be considered in randomized controlled trials using herbal extract granules.

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