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논문 상세정보

이압요법이 시설거주노인의 근골격계 통증, 우울 및 수면에 미치는 효과

Effects of Auricular Acupressure Therapy on Musculoskeletal Pain, Depression and Sleep of the Elderly in Long-term Care Facilities


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine and evaluate the effects of auricular acupressure on musculoskeletal pain, depression and sleep of the elderly who are institutionalized in long-term care facilities. Methods: The research was conducted in a non-equivalent control group and non-synchronized design with data collected from October to December, 2016. The subjects were from long-term care facilities for the elderly in D city and divided into an experimental group (24 subjects) and a control group (25 subjects). Results: After the intervention, the experimental group showed significant improvement in degree of musculoskeletal pain on time ($x^2=23.89$, p<.001) and degree of depression on time and group ($x^2=37.42$, p<.001, U=122.0, p<001) and degree of sleep on time ($x^2=33.62$, p<.001). Thus, the suggested hypothesis is partially supported. Conclusion: Auricular acupressure therapy is expected to be a practical and efficient nursing intervention for the elderly institutionalized in long-term care facilities.

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